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About Me

Hey! My name is Nadia, founder of The Apricot Nutrition and Health. I am a registered nutritionist and personal trainer, with a background in health coaching and weight management. Are you looking to build healthier nutrition habits without having to cut out food groups, feel deprived or give up foods you love?
Have you had a wake-up call with your health, or have you been living with health conditions which could be improved with tweaks to your diet and lifestyle? Or are you not sure where to start with exercise, want to feel more comfortable in the gym, or maximise your performance? You're in the right place! Join today to fuel and train your way to better health, fitness and confidence!
Nadia (Anutr.), The Apricot Founder

Registered exercise professional possessing International qualifications with The Health and Fitness Association of Australia until 30/01/25

Membership Number 900450

What can I help you with?
-Provide science-backed, in-depth analysis and feedback of your diet
-Provide personalised training which is specifically tailored to your goals
-Help you to heal your relationship with food and exercise
-Empower you to build healthier habits in both nutrition and exercise, improving your overall health
-Hold you accountable and keep you motivated as you navigate your personal health journey

Having worked for several years in clinical health coaching and personal training in the UK before coming to Australia, I started The Apricot because I am passionate about helping individuals optimise their lifestyle to feel their best, inside and out. I can help you to develop a deeper understanding of how both diet and exercise contribute to your overall health and wellbeing, working together to optimise your training and nutrition to help you feel better and achieve your personal goals. I am here to find what works best for you and find flexible solutions; let me help you to build better routines, heal your relationship with food and exercise and feel truly happy in your body.

Bachelor of Science (Nutrition)
Issue Date 16/07/2021

Extended Diploma in Personal Training - Level 3
Issue Date 05/10/2022

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