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Our Online Workshops & Masterclasses feature exclusive member-only content designed to further the education and up-skilling of professionals in the Health and Fitness industries. You will also find access to soe full courses and short courses below (members only).  Click on each one to access them.

For our upcoming masterclasses, members also have the ability to submit a question for the Presenter, just click

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Know Your Rights

by HAFAA and The United Workers Union

Crucial for anyone working in the Health and Fitness Industry, this Masterclass will help you understand your legal rights under the Fitness Industry Award 2020, The Fair Work Act and Enterprise Bargaining. We cover all the points you should know (but probably don't!) and show you where to find the best resources and information. 



Vocal Coaching for Group Fitness Instructors

with Claire Assetta

Join Claire Assetta, former Group Fitness Instructor, Vocal Coach, Singer and owner of Freedom Vocal Studios in this workshop on vocal coaching for group instructors. Learn how to use and project your voice properly, vocal contrast and how to protect your voice from damage. Claire also provides us with a series vocal training and vocal warm up exercises.



Eating Disorders and The Fitness Industry

by The Health and Fitness Association of Australia

This Masterclass covers a range of topic that are relevant to fitness professions, their clients and to the general population who enjoy training. Some of the main points covered are:

What are eating disorders and how are they relevant to the fitness industry? What is Body image and how is it impacted by the fitness industry? The leading causes of eating disorders, including dieting. Defining a "Diet". Stats surrounding diet failures and binge eating. Stats surrounding body image. Legalities surrounding fitness professionals writing nutritional plans or giving nutritional advice. What you need to be mindful of as a trainer.. Making fitness about things other than aesthetics (fitness, strength, etc). Body transformation challenges.. What to do if you think your client has an Eating disorder


mental health for fitpros.png

Mental Health for Fitness Professionals

with Sophie Gray and Amy Cooper

Presented by qualified and experienced Psychologists (who also happen to be Fitness Professionals), this class looks at how we can better care for our mental health during and after COVID-19, lockdown fatigue, connection, over-training and under-recovery, mental health days, the "image" often displayed by the fitness industry and our best advice to care for your mental health as a fitness professional.



Sleep Science and Circadian Rhythms

with Nick Littlehales

Nick Littlehales is the leading Elite Sport Sleep Coach to the biggest names in the sporting world, including British Cycling and Team Sky's recording-breaking cyclists, top Premiership and international football teams and players, Rugby Union and Rugby League, and Olympic and Paralympic athletes. His Book SLEEP is available worldwide. In this Masterclass, Nick takes us through sleeping in cycles, working with your circadian rhythms and the most important tips and advice he has for fitness professionals



Sympathetic Dominance & Adrenal Fatigue

with DR Wayne Todd

DR Wayne Todd, Author of SD Protocol and expert in Sympathetic Nervous System Dominance joins us in this Masterclass on burn out and adrenal fatigue with specific emphasis on the fitness industry. Learn what causes sympathetic dominance, how to prevent it, engaging your parasympathetic nervous system and how to recover from burn out/adrenal fatigue.



L-PLATE PARTICIPANTS: Coaching & Cuing Beginners in a Group Fitness Class

with Kirsty Lee Pepper

This workshops is specifically for Group Fitness Instructors or Small Group Trainers. Learn new ways to coach and cue your classes, various visual and vocal cuing techniques, how to use blends of participant, mirror and hybrid images to help beginners follow more complex choreography, ways to make classes inclusive for new participants and how to avoid "instructor road rage".



Gut Health & Microbiome

with Stephanie Lowe

Join Stephanie Lowe, also known as The Natural Nutritionist, in this Masterclass on Gut Health and Gut Microbiome. The gut has been called "the second brain" and more research is suggesting that disease, inflammation and even disorders such as depression and anxiety can start here. Learn about your microbiome, what damages the gut and the path back from Leaky Gut.


PN Course.png

The Science of Body Transformations Course

by Precision Nutrition

This VIP Short Course by Precision Nutrition looks at the factors for consideration to "transform" a clients body (or your own) in the sense of health and fitness. Topics covered include Food and Nutrition, Movement and Exercise, Sleep and Stress Management, Alcohol, Overeating, Injuries, and Mindset.


Building a fitness brand online copy.png

Shifting Your Fitness Business Online

by Gavin McHale, CEO Maverick Coaching

As a Kinesiology graduate, Gavin McHale followed all the rules. He got himself a good job, gained experience and launched his own personal training business in 2012. He quickly realized that following the traditional business model would lead to trading more time for more money. So, he struck out to find a better way. Over the course of 4 years and tens of thousands of dollars invested, Gavin was able to build a 6-figure hybrid training business before founding the Maverick Coaching Academy in 2019. In the past 18 months, Gavin has left the gym and gone all in helping other personal trainers build their hybrid businesses. Along the way, he has learned more about himself than ever before and is on a mission to fix the broken fitness industry and connect other amazing humans to the highest version of themselves.


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Social Media Marketing Course

with Heather Porter

Join Heather Porter from Website Love as she presents this full course on Social Media Marketing. This course includes 12 lectures covering topics such as How to choose the right social media platform for your business, Linkedin fundamentals, Twitter fundamentals, Instagram fundamentals, Pinterest fundamentals, Youtube fundamentals, Tips and Tools to increase your Social Media engagement and how to convert fans into buyers.


Basic Bananas Tile.png

AI Marketing Bootcamp

by Basic Bananas

The AI Marketing Bootcamp by Basic Bananas is a comprehensive programme designed for enhancing marketing skills through the use of AI technology. It focuses on integrating AI into marketing strategies, offering practical knowledge and skills development. The bootcamp is suitable for various professionals, including those in the fitness industry, seeking to leverage AI for more effective marketing.


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