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HA.F.A.A is an Association that was started by Fitness Professionals for Fitness Professionals and is invested in making the industry a better place for the people working in it. We also aim to be an Industry Body that provides value for Trainers and Instructors along with their Fitness Registration, by offering services and benefits that we believe that they will utilise, such as Industry discounts, Masterclasses, Union information and advice and more.

Why Join Us?

Professional National Industry Registration & Certificate. NO CEC requirement means that we recognise all relevant training and education a person has done and we list these on your registration certificate and online profile, by date. This way, your registration reflects exactly what courses and up-skilling you have completed, rather than just relying on "points".

Value - get the most benefits for the best price

Insurance, First Aid/CPRs, Mental Health First Aids - we have partnered with more insurance providers, first aid providers and mental health first aid providers than any other company to provide the most options and discounted prices for members.

Masterclasses - our online classes are updated frequently and are free for members. These have included topics such as sleep, gut health, mental health for fitness professionals, social media marketing, nutrition and many more. 

Support and Advice -  Fair Work Advice. Need help, information on your rights at work on Union information? Let us know and we'll assist in getting you the support you need. 

Benefits and Perks - we have partnered with a variety of companies, such as Lorna Jane/Lululemon/Rockwear/Musashi/Nutrition warehouse/Aeromic/ATP etc to provide discounts and perks (20-40%) relevant to people in the industry. 

Giving back - we donate a minimum of 10% of all registrations to charity. Since launching H.A.F.A.A, we have been able to raise thousands of dollars for various Charities across Australia, supporting organisations for Medical Research, Mental Health, Human Rights and more. In March/April 2020, we donated 100% of costs to Bushfire Relief and in the coming months, we look forward to launching a new feature which will allow FitPros to "choose their cause" when registering.

Toolkits - we provide copies of Risk Management Procedures, Best Practice and other documents

needed by sole traders and businesses.

Members Newsletters allow our members to stay up-to-date with current industry news and changes.


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