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The Thrvly Marketplace is a digital community where Instructors & Studios connect with fitness

lovers. The members of Thrvly (your class participants) have access to the most diverse collection of classes from instructors around the world, for one monthly fee. 

Instructors & Studios using Thrvly get access to a global user base and a way to earn recurring

subscription revenue without have to build their own site or app (or, in addition to).

Your Thrvly classes are not live, so you can post pre-recorded classes from your home or studio for the Thrvly member base to enjoy, and earn income. Here's how:

How does it work?

Thrvly is free to join as an instructor.


Members (class participants) join Thrvly for a monthly fee of $15. This gives them access to all classes from all instructors on Thrvly, not just limiting them to one studio. For every person who joins using your link, you get $10 per month for the life time of their membership.

Instructors post their classes to their online studio. These are pre-recorded so can use workouts you might already have on film or new ones you are recording. Both yourself and Thrvly market these to the community of participants and you earn ongoing income from people doing your classes. You can also earn income by referring other instructors/studios to the Thrvly network.

I own a studio

Thrvly is set up to work for both independent instructors as well as as studios. It is free for both.

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