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About Me

I am a qualified personal trainer and am planning to further my education in nutrition to support how I can best help my clients achieve their goals. I started my own fitness journey when I was in my early teens as I came from a bad relationship with food and through healing that years later, went on to break three Australian records at the age of 16. This is why I am so passionate about helping my clients, especially women, heal their relationship with food and learn to love their bodies. I believe true and optimal human health is not just how you look physically, but your body is more a result from your health on the inside. Because of my own journey, I know I can help those who are looking for guidance. I work 1 on 1 with all my clients to consider all lifestyle and environmental factors to fully support my clients fitness journey and guide each individual to achieve their goals in the most practical and safest way possible.

Registered exercise professional with The Health and Fitness Association of Australia until May 5th 2022

Membership Number 200260

- 1 on 1 fitness coaching: specifically women, working around your moon cycle and consideration for the role female hormones play in health and fitness.
- Online programs for weight loss, muscle hypertrophy, and strength.
- Nutrition advice and guidance for weight loss, gut health, and supporting a healthy relationship with food.
- Personal powerlifting experience
work experience: Work experience leading group fitness classes, 1 on 1 coaching, and online fitness programs.

Certificate IV in Fitness - Issued 22/05/20

HLTAID001 Provide First Aid - Expiry 15/07/22

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